Designing a dental practice with our patients and our environment in mind.

When creating our new space we wanted to make sure we were doing everything we could to ensure that our practice was built using today's most hygienic and safest technologies by today's standards. We also wanted to do our part in helping our environment as well.

We started at the patient records and x-ray operations where we created a paperless charting system, reducing our paper usage. All patient information and records are inputted or scanned directly into our digital system. Everything we do is digital, including x-rays. This means patients are exposed to minimal radiation since digital x-rays require only 10% of the radiation as traditional films, and it doesn't require disposal of harmful chemicals such as developing and fixing solutions that traditional films require.

We also took the time to install heavy metal separators so that everything we suction from the patient's mouth or anything poured into our drains in the operatories is always filtered. That means all dental/medical waste including metal restorations or bone fragments are collected and separated so that harmful waste and matter isn't disposed through NYC plumbing lines directly.

All water lines are filtered and water from our chairs are chemically treated and run with antimicrobial synthetic tubing to eliminate any micro bacteria, fungus, or molds from entering the patient's mouth. The water from our dental chairs and our instruments are not connected to NYC plumbing directly. It comes from a separate chemically treated canister water bottle. That means our patients get the best water on the planet (NYC water) without the entire dirty residue from rusty old NYC pipes.

We also use state of the art compressors and drills that offer maximum energy efficiency while dramatically reducing noise associated with older conventional drills. Our curing lights are also the most advanced, curing/setting our bonding composite in a quarter of the time as traditional units, which means less UV exposure to our patients.